Henny Kupferstein is a an autistic autism researcher.

What does AGP stand for?

Able Grounded Phenomenology is a research method and approach to qualifying the lived experience of an autistic person to make relevant their narrative to science in an effort to quantify consciousness.

Who should use the Personal Consciousness Inventory (PCI) tool?

I am an autism researcher

I am a clinician

I am an autistic person

I am an ally

Doogri Institute (2015 – present)
A non-profit dedicated to transparency and forthright research. All members have lived experience to truly represent by-the-people research and legislative advocacy. We provide direct services (AAC lessons), professional training (AGP Model, Doogri Method, LDME licensed to teach Developmental Music Education), college success, dissertation coaching, and peer mentorship.

Onkelos (2014 – present)
A non-profit dedicated to supporting individuals who will suffer severe consequences in their community of origin for pursuing a formal education. We offer a bridge to higher education through exit planning, relocation assistance, and recommendations to resources in the new community. Founded by excommunicated chassidim, the non-profit continues to run an underground railroad for people who choose to relocated.

Hennyk.com (2009 – present)
I teach piano to nonspeaking and autistic students around the world. Note-reading and music theory is our primary focus. My students are the strongest musicians in the room, thanks to their perfect pitch. Did you know that 97% of autistic people have perfect pitch? read my study. Non-Verbal Paradigm for Assessing Individuals for Absolute Pitch Kupferstein, H., & Walsh, B. J. (2016). Non-Verbal Paradigm for Assessing Individuals for Absolute Pitch. World Futures72(7-8), 390-405. [PDF]